Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Joel Hodgson

On the left, Joel's headshot. On the right, text" Meet your SONAMI Project Manager, Joel Hodgson. Manager of the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre (LMIC) at Lambton College.

Joel Hodgson is the Manager of the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre (LMIC) at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario. His team supports the industry through projects, services and training across sectors in manufacturing.

We asked Joel some questions so you can understand better his work with SONAMI:

Describe your favourite type of project to run for SONAMI?
Product and process development in Cleantech. You can see the benefits to not only the company but also the community.

If you run an SME – why would you want to work with SONAMI?
The high levels of expertise and capacity to not only achieve current goals but also identify new ones.

What excites you about working with SONAMI?
The ability to support Southern Ontario companies achieve their goals.

What did you learn during the pandemic?
Empathy, honesty and open communication are more important now more than ever. Making time to stay in communication with both internal and external stakeholders is essential when you can’t see each other in person.

What is the most interesting SONAMI project you’ve been involved with?
Our COVID-19 response projects, manufacturing hand sanitizer and PPE, which directly impacted our first responders’ ability to safely support those in need.

In your opinion, how has the pandemic impacted research?
We have been working more remotely, which has meant we need to be creative and proactive in how we brainstorm. We’re doing the same projects as before to support manufacturing but have also supported community organizations in product, process and software development in the fight against COVID-19.

Connect with Joel: [email protected]
Visit the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre HERE