Meet your SONAMI Project Manager – Dushyant Puri

Dushyant Puri is a Research Project Manager with Conestoga’s SMART Centre. He’s had the opportunity to work with OEMs and Tier 2 automotive companies, managing and developing first-to-market products, IoT implementation and data analytics. His focus is on SONAMI projects that combine software and manufacturing.

We asked Dushyant some questions to understand better his work with us:

What are you learning through the pandemic?
COVID has brought us to a necessary pause. I have had the ability to reflect on the importance of work/life balance.

If you ran an SME, why would you want to work with SONAMI?
For the cost-benefit and the ability to connect and utilize resources in the SONAMI group.

What excites you about working with SONAMI?
Being a part of first-to-market technologies.

Connect with Dushyant: [email protected]
Visit Conestoga’s SMART Centre for Research and Innovation HERE